• Name: 20mm WPC formwork board
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1st: ECO friendly
1,WPC raw material is wood powder and polymer materials, polymerization of plastic and wood recycling.
2,Formaldehyde release quantity, benzene volatilize quantity is 0.1 mg/L,  far less than the requirements of international standard E0 is less than 0.5 mg/L.
3,No pollution, no peculiar smell, no painting.
4,Biodegradable, does not pollute the environment.Can be recycled.
Moisture content is only 0.04%, Absorbing water thickness expansion rate of 0.1%, not deformation, not moldy. Can be applied directly to the water environment, the elder is immersed in the water is not out of shape.
3rd: Flame resistance
According to GB24-1997, combustion performance GB8624 B1 level, lighting it and no fire, leave fire to put out, without falling.
4th: Resistance to high temperature
Size of high and low temperature and rate of change is only + / - 0.1%, Outdoor products is prevented bask in high temperature resistant, deformation under 75 ℃.
5th: Low thermal conductivity
Used for building exterior wall and visor thermal protective performance is superior. easy to clean, durable.
6th: High mechanical performance
Good plasticity and high bending performance, according to the venue and design curve modeling.
7th: Wood texture
Product surface without any treatment (such as printing, cover, etc.).
8th: Easy processing, installation fast
Sawing, nailing, plane, can be stick, And less leftover material, cost savings.
9th: High color fastness
Do not fade, do not change color, outdoor UV protection products, is not afraid of the sun wind rain, colour and lustre is durable.
10th: Other related characteristics
Anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, no crack, no deformation, not become warped crack, no mildew, insect-resistant ant.

product name

WPC formwork board



Standard sizes

1220 x2440mm, 1220 x5800mm, can be customized

usage count

30-50 times


Waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-resistant

Application purpose

Concrete pouring, scaffold platform structures, simple shed structures and so on


 Gray, green, blue

Fire-proof level

B1 level